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Sunday, August 21, 2005
The Diary: Monday 1st August 2005 to Wednesday 10th August 2005

D DAY! Anchorage to Fairbanks 340 miles of good roads and fantastic scenery. Passed by Denali National Park and had a great view of Mount McKinley and a really clear day.

240 miles today, of which 140 was unpaved. Road again was stunning and we saw our first bear as it ran across the road in front of us. Stayed over night at Coldfoot.Camp, a remote settlement above the Arctic Circle.

Wednesday was a real blast. Another 240 miles of dirt, gravel and mud road. Probably one of the most challenging rides we have ever done. There was not a single town or house along the whole road, only the oil pipeline and pump stations. We all arrived safely in Prudhoe Bay late that afternoon. We had a walk to the Prudhoe Bay General Store and saw a grizzly bear on the way back. Decided not to walk past and flagged down a pick up truck!

Thursday We had a day off today and took an afternoon tour of the BP Oilfield, which took us out to the Arctic Ocean. Several members of the group (but not us!), decided to jump in naked! BRRRR! Then Dr Dave gave us all some seal oil to try which was so foul that two people ended up jumping off the bus to be sick.

Friday was the start of heading south and back down the Dalton Highway for 240 miles to Coldfoot Camp. It was nice to have a cold beer, because beers had been banned up at Prudhoe Bay. It is a dry town!

Another great days riding on Saturday following the Alaska Oil Pipeline. But there was a mishap. Dr Dave from Anchorage, who had been travelling with us, hit a rock through a road construction area and came off his bike breaking his leg. He had to be airlifted by military helicopter to hospital.

Delta Junction to Beaver Creek on Sunday. 184 miles and the birder crossing into Canada. We are now in the Yukon. Brilliant scenery and stunning roads. Missed a large moose by only inches as it ran out into the road. A narrow escape!

Monday and 194 miles to Haines Junction. More stunning roads and rode past the Kluane Lake – the largest in the Yukon and an incredible turquoise blue colour. Fantastic hotel for the nights stop, with great food.

Tuesday a 370 mile ride to Watson Lake along the Alaskan Highway. Stunning scenery of lakes and mountains.

Wednesday 320 miles along the Stewart Cassiar Highway to Bell Lodge, where we stayed in log cabins. The roads just keep getting better.