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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Monday 7 November 2005 to Wednesday 7 November 2005
7 Nov
Another big day - 550 miles across the Atacama Desert, with an absolute stunning sunset. With a big days ride tomorrow we should reach the rest of the group.

8 Nov
We arrive in Vicuna mid afternoon and we are together again as a group. Michael is still in Arequipa as he has to wait 7 days after surgery to fly, but he is in good spirits and his leg is healing very well.

9 Nov
380 miles into Santiago. We were met just outside the city by a police escort and they guided us into the city. It was fantastic. They stopped all the traffic and got us through the City very quickly. Santiago is our base for 4 nights, whilst we service the bikes and Kevin and Julia have a press conference here. It is a lovely city, very prosperous, clean and lively. It is a pleasant surprise for us all.

Best of all, we had the news that Michael is on his way home, flying with Air Canada via Toronto. He even gets Business Class. It is a big relief to know everything is fine – I cannot imagine what would have happened if we had been on our own.