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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
The Diary: Thursday 13 October 2005 to Thursday 20 October 2005
13 Oct
305 miles today to Cuenca. Past the Cotopaxi Volcano on the Pan Am. Starting to get very scenic and mountainous as we head south in the Andes.

14 Oct
228 miles today with a border crossing into Peru. Rode past lots of banana plantations. The border was very chaotic and took us about 3 ½ hours. Big problem here with false money and we all got scammed.

15 & 16 Oct
250 miles to Chiclayo. Long straight roads through the Sechura Desert. No facilities here for miles and miles. had to watch out because of high winds and sand dunes drifting across the road.

17 Oct
Short ride across the desert to a nice hotel on the beach. Afternoon visit to Chan Chan, an ancient adobe Peruvian city.

18 Oct
210 miles, of which 65 miles was on unpaved roads through the mountains and a narrow canyon – Canyon del Pato. It was a very narrow mountain road, with many tunnels and there were landslides too. A hard days ride.

19 Oct
192 miles to Barranca. Descending from the mountains back to sea level. We visited the Chimbu fortress at Paramonga.

20 Oct
278 miles today ad arrived at a superb hotel on the beach. But to get there we had to ride around Lima, 3 lanes wide, but with 5 lanes of traffic! Lots of fumes and very hairy.